Lockdown feels like an eternity already. For some it has been months, for others it’s only just begun. For those of us with little ones running around, I am sure we can all agree how tough it can be to entertain the kids when you can’t escape the house… However, it’s not all doom and gloom! The stay-at-home orders can provide a silver lining for quality family time. It’s a time to slow down, and enjoy wholesome time together, without all the other distractions of the world. One way you can enjoy some beneficial time with the kids is through creative activities. It’s great for brain development and cognitive growth, plus if you reuse bits and pieces around the house, it’s also great for the environment and teaching life lessons.

We’ll share with you 3 easy ideas to get creative with the kids, whilst you are restrained to your home-sweet-home. We also have a hot little offer to tell you about, that allows you to grab one of our Wacom Intuos (valued at $129 RRP) for free. But more on that later…

Number 1. DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

Get in touch with your roots via a hands-on genealogical project. All you will need is some paper, paint or stamp pad and a nice pen.

HOT TIP: You can print out templates of family trees, if your sketching skills are not up to scratch.

All you need to do is dot out leaf fingerprints off the branches. Then start to map out the extended family. It’s a great way to get the grandparents involved too. Organise a family Zoom call, so everyone can get in on the action (and to ensure your historical representation is accurate).

Not one for mess? No problem. Why not embark on this crafty adventure, digitally. The Wacom Intuos allows your creativity to come to life, in tablet form. The super-accurate and super-light pen allows precision and the tablet is compact and light, so it can go anywhere in the house with you or the kids. Also, you can download a range of free creative applications to help you get started with your crafty project.

Want some even better news? The NSW Government is offering a $100 voucher once per year that can be redeemed for Creative products/classes from a list on the Service NSW website. This can be redeemed to get your little one their very own Wacom Intuos (valued at $129 RRP).

All you have to do is follow the below process:

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Receive email confirmation
  3. Follow the prompts via email to activate and purchase

Number 2. Run A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way for little minds to open up to the world around them. It is super fun, enjoyable at every age, generally gets the body moving and blood pumping, plus, the best part… they are easy to organise on the parents behalf.

Unlike a treasure hunt, where you have to physically hide the treasure, a scavenger hunt lists things that must be found. Things can be as simple as a leaf or as complex as a cloud in the shape of a heart.

With the current lockdown rules, you can shape your hunt to adhere. For example you can focus your scavenger hunt to stay inside the house, or outside, when you are going for an exercise walk. If you are doing the hunt from your bubble at home, then of course you can gather your items as you find them, as proof. If you are completing your hunt when outside, taking a photo of the items as you find them is a great idea.

Number 3. Dust Off The Old Board Games

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned family board game. A bit of rivalry between mum and dad, bro and sis is the best kind of fun ever. A great idea for killing some time inside is by getting out the old board games. It’s easy these days too, if you can’t remember how to play a simple google search will sort you out.

One of our favourites is Pictionary! Who doesn’t love to get a bit artsy, whilst having a laugh or two.

HOT TIP: Did you know you enjoy this game, without even having the game itself. You can create your own DIY Pictionary fun, by compiling a list of ‘must draws’ that contestants can draw on either paper, or a tablet. The Wacom Intuos is the perfect digital whiteboard to execute the game. It’s a cutting edge blank canvas, with a super lightweight pen that will help you get those masterpieces down with ease. Divide the family into two teams, set those 30 second timers and let the games begin! Missing your mates? No problem, there are also free online platforms that allow you to challenge your buddies and let the belly laughs roll in!