The Pandemic has brought many changes to the way we go about our everyday lives. From physical distancing, mandatory mask wearing to remote working. This once in a century event is bound to give us revelations and experiences that will shape the future of work, play and everything in between.

Working from home comes with a multitude of benefits. No commute, working in your PJs, flexible schedule, the list goes on… Despite its pros, working from home can be quite isolating. Businesses can see a loss of collaboration, which is a driver for innovative thinking and creativity.

The question then becomes, how do you make people more collaborative and creative when they are isolated at home? 

We have 3 strategies that can help you nail this.


1. Cook Up A Storm With A Virtual Brainstorm

Digital pens and ink are at the centre of our societal activities. Getting ideas down on paper has been the medium humans have used for thousands of years to express and preserve – we’ve  taken this digital. To this point, there is something to be said about putting together that killer brainstorm, that you have poured your heart and soul into and really delivers on that wow factor. It’s easier to do when in an office, but a lot harder to replicate when everyone is working from home. Need some assistance with your presentation skills? No worries, we have your back…

Introducing the One by Wacom, Wacom Intuos and Wacom One, starting from $89, they are the best products for working from home.

With the Wacom One, you can draw directly on screen, saving time and making presentations dazzle. A great way that you can creatively collaborate and dazzle the team is with a virtual brainstorm. Organise a meeting with your team, put together the bare bones of a presentation which includes some thought starters and tactics, and then open the floor to your team for any cool ideas. No brainstorm sesh is complete without a messy mind map. Don’t worry, remote working can’t take that away from you. You can still scribe and mindmap all the ideas that come flowing (remember, no idea is silly) directly onto a drawing tablet which can then be transformed into a digital presentation.


2. Encourage Feedback & Suggestions From Your Team

It’s important to inspire a culture where change is embraced. A clever way to do this is to encourage employee feedback and suggestions. Particularly when it comes to technology – you want to know what it is your staff need to do their job more efficiently and productively.

Wacom solutions support and enhance daily based creativity, our products are not just for the photographers and artists of the world. Whether your job requires a lot of annotations, video conference presentations or the need to collaborate on documents, Wacom’s digital pen technology can help! From intuitive drawing tablets and drawing pads that are natural to use. Our state of the art creative pen technology ensures every stroke and move of your hand is followed with complete accuracy.


3. Encourage Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking doesn’t just include a huge win at work. The little wins should be celebrated too. Aside from showing employees that their work doesn’t go unnoticed, constant encouragement drives culture. With innovative thinking comes the idea that experimentation and making mistakes is okay. In fact, it should be encouraged. Because making mistakes and learning from them is actually a sign of progress.

The change to remote working definitely challenges employees to find creative ways to stay productive. A great way you can foster this thinking is by ‘tips & tricks’ knowledge sharing. Having a weekly session that is run by each team member, sharing their hot tips on different programs and tech that is used in the workplace, is a great starting point. Innovative thinking is re-imagined with Wacom technology. The natural pen experience blurs the lines between traditional pen to paper and digital communication. One of our advanced products, the Wacom One is a knifty drawing tablet with screen that provides a tactile experience whilst you draw. It is a fantastic way to create beautiful presentations, retouch images or even have a go at 3D modelling. Getting your team using these drawing tablets will foster creativity and productivity. Plus the knowledge sharing component is next level. A tips and tricks session can be facilitated by our VIP tech support team. For a limited time we have a special EOFY deal. If you purchase the Wacom One you can get 10% off your first purchase when you sign-up to our newsletter.

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