Photoshop master, Unmesh Dinda, from PiXimperfect does it again in his video on Shaping the Light with Creative Color Grading. Watch the video to see how he creates his magic with Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. For easy reference, Unmesh provides a downloadable step-by-step guide to all the edits he’s done so you can easily replicate his edits on your own.

Using a simple combination of Curves and Masks, you can create drama by entirely transforming the light. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the complete process of creative color grading and discover a special blend mode to light things up beautifully. Whether you are creating a composite or performing photo manipulation, shaping the light is an essential skill to learn in Photoshop. A simple understanding of Curves, Blend Modes, Masking, and Blend-If, will help you to achieve that very easily.

Helpful video timestamps:

01:28 Step 1: Create The Atmosphere

08:09 Step 2: Create Warm Highlights

18:28 Step 3: Create The Shadows

23:20 Step 4: Adjust The Light

24:33 Step 5: Create The Light Source

26:44 Step 6: Stylize The Image

27:45 Step 7: Take A Break

28:21 Recap

About PixImperfect and Unmesh Dinda

PiXimperfect is a free online resource for learning Photoshop and Lightroom. Unmesh and his team believe that if you learn the concepts (and not just memorize the steps),  you can better translate your imagination visually to the world.  Unmesh says not worry about the quality at first, as over time it will improve. Just keep creating and your consistency will take care of the rest.

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