One of our favorite YouTube artists and stars, Ross Tran, has successfully funded a Kickstarter project to create a book based on his original character, Nima. Nima’s story takes place in a world with hauntingly beautiful and vibrant locations and draws inspiration from anime like Full Metal Alchemist, fighting games like Super Smash Bros., and movies like Spirited Away. The story takes you through an expansive and magical journey with a dynamic cast of companions, travelers, and enemies.

In the video above, Ross puts Wacom Cintiq 16 through its paces while creating a special illustration of Sloan, one of the characters from Nima’s universe. Commanding a crew aboard a large warship, Sloan, a snow-based character, defends her home from spiritual and physical threats. She’s a strong-willed woman who can come across as harsh but it’s how she shows her deep affection for her crew.

Can Wacom Cintiq 16 pass Ross’s color dodge test?  There may be a special surprise as well. Check out the video to find out.


Ross reviews Wacom Cintiq 16


About Color Dodge Master, Ross

Ross loved creating characters and worlds as a kid. At 17, he moved to Los Angeles to study Entertainment Design. And at 19 he worked on his first feature film, Earth to Echo, as a character designer. A few years later he found a home on YouTube as RossDraws, coining the term “color dodge time” and amassing a loyal color dodge army of fans and followers. He’s currently working on his first art book for his original project Nima.

Ross Draws on Wacom Cintiq 16

He also loves his dog Milo, but everyone knows that.

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