So, you’re stuck at home feeling like you’ve exhausted all indoor activities and that there couldn’t possibly be anything left to do. You’ve lost count of how many Netflix series you’ve binged, stalked your old high school pals online, raided the entire pantry and even reached the end of your IG stories (this one stings the most).

You’ve come to the right place.

Our community of extra-awesome artists and friends is sharing their very own coloring pages to beat cabin fever. So pull out those markers, pencils and Pro Pen 2s – it’s time to color!



Here is something to keep ya busy during this quarantine! In case you’re feeling bored, we will be adding new coloring pages to the blog every week. Tag @valfre & #valfrecolorme so we can see what you create!

Free Coloring Pages!


Opal Lines

Coloring pages to cure your boredom or to spruce up on your coloring skills! Tag me on Instagram and Twitter if you use them! @opal_lines

Magical Girl, Monster Girls, & Mermaid Coloring Pages


Raahat Kaduji

With so many of us stuck at home, cosy up and get creative with these colouring sheets. For grownups and littles alike!

Colouring Sheets


Mike Sandoval

Las iré subiendo de dos en dos cada viernes y martes, empezando hoy, hasta tener las 10. Compártanme sus creaciones arrobándome y con el hashtag #CuarentenaConMikeSandoval.



Victoria Pavlov

Because of COVID-19 many of us are staying at home for a period of time. I have created some coloring pages for children ages two and up. Feel free to download them for free. You can print out any of the pages and color them with your children using traditional pencils, or you can download them and use them in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop Sketch on mobile. 

Coloring Pages and Backgrounds



Les hice otro descargable gratis, el link está en mi bio y en mis historias, no olviden etiquetarme para compartir algunos de sus dibujos. 😉

Vamos A Colorear


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