In a world where a lot of school and office work requires the use of computers, it sometimes feels like there’s really no way of escaping the mouse and the various stresses that come with using it.

This convenient tool has been cited as the cause of the aptly named mouse arm syndrome, specifically repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

However, people do have better choices when it comes to input devices. An excellent alternative to using the mouse is opting for pen tablets or display, which use a pen-like implement called a stylus. Wacom is a trailblazing innovator and has been the world’s leading pen tablet brand for over 35 years. Wacom’s high-quality, innovative pen tablets are great for doing schoolwork and for use in the office and at home.

Here are some compelling reasons to make the switch:

Wacom tablets can work like a real notebook

With a Wacom tablet, you no longer need a scanner to record notes that require a special app to convert them into a text-based document. Wacom pen-tablets work with commonly used programs such as Microsoft One Note and Powerpoint, turning your computer into a digital notebook. You can annotate, highlight and edit your work digitally, and write as naturally and comfortably as you would with pen and paper.



Wacom pens are ergonomic and easy to use

Wacom tablets come in the form of a thin flat surface that corresponds to a computer screen. The matching stylus or pen is used for input and to control the movement of the cursor. Since the stylus is light and cordless, it’s easy to hold and manipulate. Moreover, Wacom pens are battery-free, so there’s no charging needed and you can use them anytime, anywhere.

You can use a Wacom pen the same way you use and hold a regular pen. This eliminates any forearm twisting that is both unnatural and stressful.



Wacom has a pressure sensitivity feature

With the Wacom pressure sensitivity feature, taking down notes, brainstorming, and marking up are a breeze. Similar to using a pencil, the pressure you exert on the pen, no matter how heavy or slight, is translated immediately onto your notes or documents — something that’s very hard to do using a mouse.



Wacom tablets have express keys and shortcuts

The shortcut keys on Wacom pens and tablets reduce the need to switch between tools, allowing you to concentrate on the work at hand. Want to undo? No problem, just hit the shortcut key on the pen. What else can you do? Tab, copy, paste, command, shift, spacebar, and more. Doing so reduces the need to switch between your tablet and keyboard.

You can do this by assigning custom keystrokes or actions to the express keys on your pen or tablet. This enables you to work faster and eliminates the tedium and strain that come with performing seemingly repetitive tasks.



Wacom tablets are not just for artists anymore. You can use them for brainstorming, taking down notes, editing documents, and so much more. So, set yourself free from the mouse and start using a pen tablet.

Find the perfect Wacom tablet or display for your space

Annotating & Grading

Teaching STEM Virtually

Teaching Art & Design

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One By Wacom

A compact tablet affordable tablet for annotating or grading worksheets. Perfect for small work surfaces.


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Wacom Intuos

An affordable, compact tablet that is perfect for students and hobbyists. Great for for small work surfaces.

Includes creative software


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Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

All the features you need for drawing, sketching and photo editing. Great tablet for more spacious surfaces.

Includes creative software


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Draw on screen

Wacom One

Ideal for educators looking for a precise pen on screen drawing and writing experience.

Includes creative software


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