Still haven’t used your Dine & Discover vouchers yet? Well we have a good news story for you…

Barangaroo is hosting Sydney’s first hybrid art, NFT exhibition and speaker series, from 11th March until 1st April 2022. 

With your Dine & Discover vouchers you can attend the experience for free!


So, What Is The Exhibition About?

Edge of Chaos is a reflection of the current state of the world: divided, online and offline, thriving and surviving, chaos and control. The journey spans two floors within The Streets of Barangaroo, marrying the real and virtual worlds, showcasing the struggles of reality and the promise of the metaverse and NFTs. 

The exhibition will offer guests a hopeful journey into the metaverse, with virtual reality headsets being used to transport users away from the chaos of reality and the opportunity to leave their own creative mark in 2D and 3D forms.

As well as exploring a virtual reality experience, guests will also be able to try Wacom’s Cintiq Pro 32, first hand. The Cintiq Pro 32 features a premium 4K screen, with world class colour performance, you’ll be immersed in every detail of your creative ventures.


What Artists Will Be Featured?

E.L.K is known for his irreverent brand of photorealism stencil art that has drawn a global following. “I really see my art as a conversation starter, to push people out of their apathy and myopic world views. Bushfires, floods, famines, pandemics and politics; it feels like we’re in pre-apocalyptic times. We’re tipping on the edge of chaos; that hypothetical space between order and disorder, this body of work asks the question: which way will we choose to fall?” – Cornish.

Duco van Breemen, creator of The Kimmies NFT collection said the exhibition was a great opportunity for artists and creators to have ongoing ownership and connection with their artworks and community. 


When Is The Exhibition Taking Place?

From 12th March until 1st April 2022 you can visit the exhibition, spanning two levels, at tower three, at Barangaroo. The exhibition will be open for general admission from 11am-8pm each day, Saturday, 12 March to Friday, 1 April, excluding Mondays and Tuesdays.


What Does It Cost?

General Admission is $20 (+ GST & booking fee) and you can book your tickets here. You can also use your Dine & Discover vouchers at checkout. 

If you would like to find out more about this experience, check out the website for more information.

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