To celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to give a shout out to a few of our favourite female artists – illustrators, photographers and many other skillsets. In no order, here’s a bit more about some amazing artists.

Kelly Thompson

This Kiwi born (Melbourne based) lady is genius with all things creative – photography, illustration, product styling, set design, content creation, you name it and we have no doubt she can do it incredibly well. Not to mention she is the founder of a business you might have heard of called Makers Mrkt, an online store supporting freelancers, craftspeople and small business.

Find Kelly at @kellythompsoncreative or discover more about Makers Mrkt at



Alex Saba

There aren’t many creatives that celebrate and support women like Alex Saba. Alex created and organised the biggest female art exhibition in Australia for 3 years, called Praise You; focusing on body positivity and raising money for the Butterfly Foundation.

Outside of this amazing project, Alex is an extremely talented illustrator in her own right. Currently going through the process of rebranding, we can’t wait to see what Alex creates next! Keep your eyes out for the launch 21.03.21!

Find Alex at @lusidart or at


Michelle Grace Hunder

Ever wanted to tour with your favourite music artists and take epic photos of them? Well Michelle Grace Hunder does just that, and she does it incredibly well. When Michelle isn’t touring with Ruel or taking portraits, she takes her contagious energy to her Twitch streams, something she began during Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown. One of the first female Australian photographers on the platform, read what she thinks about Twitch. Advocating for women in photography, Michelle is an all-round legend. Just look at her photos, watch one of her Twitch streams and you’ll see why.

Find Michelle on IG at @michelleghunder or Twitch:


Loretta Lizzio

In 2015 a life changing event altered Loretta Lizzio’s future as an artist. After being hit by a bus on a Melbourne Street, Loretta embarked on two years of rest and rehabilitation. During this time she began to dabble with painting culminating in a solo show. Loretta Lizzio is a true artist, someone who is extremely passionate and truly loves creating things; constantly striving to grow and further her abilities to perfect her craft. Through her obsessive line work, loretta captures a sensuous desire for freedom, adventure and love.

Find Loretta at @loretta_lizzio or


Ellen Porteus

This talented lady works across not only illustration, but also animation, murals and installation. Her colourful, clever work braves some tricky topics and makes them not only relatable and hopeful but look good! We could go on, but Ellen explains it best “My personal work uses humour and visual metaphor to explore our inner world and the complex relationship we have with ourselves.” A great example to demonstrate this is her solo exhibition from last year called, Vicious Cycles Laundrette show. Just look through the photos to see for yourself.

Find Ellen at @ellenporteus or


Dizzy Little Dotty

Dizzy Little Dotty’s (Lauren Carney) is a pint-sized freelance illustrator and visual storyteller is a fun-loving and fierce energy as soon as she walks in a room. Her quirky character based imagery connects with the audience on not just an aesthetic, but personal level. Her illustrations have been projected on giant screens at international music festivals like Coachella and Splendour in the Grass, hung in galleries, sold in international stores, and printed in magazine publications. 4 years ago her dream was to pack up her studio and live overseas, and living in Tokyo, she’s managed to tick off yet another goal. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Find Lauren at @dizzylittledotty or


Georgia Hill

One word comes to our mind to describe Georgia Hill’s art – BIG. Big in thought, meaning and of course size… 400ft size.

Georgia is an artist and muralist, specialising in type-based artworks and installations. Her constant pursuit of unique structures, new environments and emotive language is demonstrated further in her focus to deliver high impact works of art. Her clear and poetic take on phrasing, combined with our physical spaces, serves to highlight our dialogue with ourselves and nature, in order to celebrate the cycles that exist around us each day.

Find Georgia at @georgiahillbth or


Gemma O’Brien

Gemma O’Brien is an Australian artist known for her bold super-graphics, illustrative lettering and hand-painted murals. After dropping out of law school to pursue graphic design, she became inspired by letterpress printing and has since gone on to build a career around drawing, painting and digital design. Her mission is to elevate words to art and explores themes around language and the human experience through pattern, colour, scale and illustrative motifs.

Find Gemma at @mrseaves101 or


Mekel Illustration

Mekel always loved to draw girls in pretty dresses. While she thought it would lead to a career in fashion design, after discovering a dislike for sewing, she’s forged a successful career in fashion illustration and watercolour design.

Featured as one of Vanity Fair’s ‘5 must-follow fashion illustrators’, she is known for her delicate linework, large scale watercolours murals, pops of bright colour and of course her famous girls.

Find Mekel at @mekel_illustration or


Sophia Mary Mac

Sophia Mary Mac is a UX/UI Designer, Muralist, Lecturer, Art and creative director, concept developer, front end developer and illustrator, and probably at least 5 other disciplines we aren’t aware of. She also gives some pretty great advice – The Design Conference circa 2019 she talked through the concept of ‘being comfortable being uncomfortable’, because your best moments happen outside your comfort zone.

Her illustration work is known for detailed lines which study the relationship between native fauna and flora (mainly flora) and the man-made elements that affect it, which are generally destructive forces.

Find Sophia at @sophiamarymac or

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