Wacom was calling on all digital artists to bounce out their best artistic renditions of our long-eared, furry friends to celebrate the start of the Year of the Rabbit. The submissions we received have been nothing short of spectacular. 


Ranging from cute and cuddly to majestic and mystical, the incredible pieces flooding the Instagram hashtag #HoppyWacom showed the endless breadth of styles and aesthetics possible through the magic of digital art.


Keep scrolling for a closer look at the top 10 finalists of the Instagram art competition hosted by WacomANZ, and the 3 amazing winning artworks. 


What was the #HoppyWacom Competition?

#HoppyWacom was an artistic celebration of the bouncy creature that guides this year’s Chinese Lunar Calendar. According to Chinese tradition, the rabbit is quick, skilful, kind and sentimental, not to mention incredibly lucky. All great traits for a celestial patron of arts, we think!


Submissions for the #HoppyWacom competitions opened on January 18th in the lead-up to the Chinese Lunar New Year. We asked digital artists to draw, paint, animate or create a work of art that is rabbit-themed or features rabbits for the chance to win one of three amazing Wacom prizes.

While submissions closed February 28th, we saw many more button-noses and furry smiles to grace our Instagram feeds over the past few weeks. Though we found it very hard to shortlist to the top 10 from all the beautiful submissions, check out the shortlisted here.














We want to give a shoutout to everyone that entered who took the time to create some beautiful artwork with their Wacom tablet. While it was a hard decision, we selected the top 3 winners of the competition. You can find this announcement on our Facebook page and Instagram page. Congratulations to the winners!


You can have a look through all the gorgeous art submitted for #HoppyWacom hashtag on Instagram.

Looking to Upgrade Your Creative Studio?

While the #HoppyWacom competition has ended, there’s still plenty of reason for you to get hopping with excitement for this Year of the Rabbit. This month you can upgrade your studio as WacomANZ is offering a bundle deal where if you purchase from the Cintiq Pro range, you’ll receive a free stand, valued up to $859. Get your hands on the best creative tech in the business. Click here for more details. Conditions apply.

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