With the new year in full swing, school is just around the corner. And just like every year, that means pencil cases to be filled, books to be bought and old, worn-out devices to be updated. 

How to get back-to-school ready this semester

Like with many things, success at school takes preparation! But thankfully, getting back-to-school ready doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. With just a bit of thoughtful organising you can save yourself the stress and ensure you or your kids have a smashing year.

  • Set up your semester timetable – One of the most important things when getting back into the learning season is to get your routine in order. For high schoolers, having your timetable means you know where you need to be and when throughout your everyday. For uni students, setting up a timetable is your chance to organise your weeks in whatever way works best for you. Be sure to leave plenty of time so you can get your class preferences.

  • Resupply with stationery and accessories – With so many classes in a day, a good suite of stationery is essential for a student. Whether it’s taking notes in lectures or practising creative writing, a well-stocked pencil case is a must. For the digital note-takers out there, computer accessories like earphones, chargers, USBs and mice can be very useful too. 

  • Clean up the home desk space – The work that students do at school is only half the fun! That means that a comfortable, clean and organised home study space is the backbone of academic success. In the lead-up to the school term, be sure to clean up and reorganise the designated study space at home to make it a pleasant environment to learn in. Decorate with a few pot plants and ensure all distractions are tucked away out of sight.

  • Get familiar with your class content – When you’re jumping into another term at school, knowing what you’re in for can save a lot of stress in the long run. Make sure your student knows where to find their class content before the learning starts. Whether in school or in uni, this step will always help a student feel less intimidated or overwhelmed coming into the school term.

  • Keep your personal tech up to date – For many students, schooling is a highly digitised environment. Between online course content, video classes and high-tech learning exercises, having reliable devices can be the difference between a joyful learning process and a frustrating one. Be sure to update your devices before the upcoming school term and replace any faulty, outdated devices before they’re unusable. 


But thankfully, great tech doesn’t have to break the budget this year. To see the summer holidays out on a high note, Wacom is offering a huge back-to-school sale, with massive discounts on a bunch of refurbished Wacom devices.

So, whether you’re trying to kindle your kid’s creative streak, dabble in the wonderful world of digital art or smash your upcoming art class assignment, Wacom is here to help. Keep scrolling for a closer look at how you can get yourself or your kids ready to create this school year and save up to 54% on select refurbished devices.

What are Wacom refurbished devices?

Refurbished devices are pre-loved products that have been given a second life. The tech experts at Wacom carefully assess these lightly-used devices before making any necessary repairs or replacing parts. Once these devices have been restored to full working quality, they’re offered at sale prices for Wacom shoppers to enjoy.

While Wacom’s refurbished devices may show some signs of use, they’re all subjected to a rigorous quality assurance inspection. That means by shopping refurbs, you can get your hands on a range of Wacom products in great condition for less.

Why it makes sense to get a Wacom refurbished device

If you’re looking to upgrade your home studio or send your kids off to school this year with the latest and greatest in creative tech, opting for a refurbished device can be a great choice. With refurbished devices, you’re not only saving your wallet, but you’re also doing the right thing for the planet. By giving new life to pre-loved tech, you’re helping to recycle valuable and expensive materials and keep them out of landfill.

What’s on offer for Wacom’s Back to School Sale?

Whether you’re buying for a budding artist or you’re powering through your degree in design, having the best tools of the trade close at hand is essential. 

Check out Wacom’s incredible Back to School Sale and save up to 54% on a huge range of refurbished Wacom devices! Start the school year with a bang and unleash your creativity with Wacom.

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