Professional industry artists, Brent Noll and Maximus Pauson of the popular YouTube channel BaM Animation, break down good and bad character designs using the three fundamentals of clarity: silhouette, palette, and exaggeration. Characters that are clear in these three principles are easily recognizable in any art style.


In the informative and entertaining video below, Brent and Maximus examine iconic characters and redraw user-submitted works to demonstrate how making a few simple tweaks to a character can make a big improvement in visual communication.

Learn how shape language, color language and exaggeration relate to character design and see how you can make improvements in your own characters. Need more help? Submit your own original art to BaM animation and perhaps they’ll feature it in an upcoming episode.

About BaM Animation

Brent Noll and Maximus Pauson are artists working in the television animation industry, Together they have worked at most of the major studios. And they want you to send them your own original art so they we can feature it on their show.

BaM Animation on YouTube

Brent Noll

Maximus Pauson


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