MerMay may be over, but there’s always next year’s competition to plan for. Manga/comic artist and creator of Maiden in Disguise, Bitsy Tandem, made this video on how to draw chibi mermaids and highlights her process in making these cuties in the hopes that it helps beginners to develop their own style.

How to draw chibi mermaids


Chibi (ちび or チビ) is a Japanese slang word describing something short (like a person or animal). It comes from the verb 禿びる (chibiru), which means ‘to wear out and become shorter’. Bitsy has been commissioned by many people to create chibi caricature portraits.


About Bitsy Tandem

Bitsy dreams of being a force for good and wants to change the world and make it a better, kinder place. Her stories are inspiring and uplifting and have impacted many young people in a positive way. Bitsy has ambitious plans for the future of TheBitzr Publishings, including the creation of at least 15 volumes of Maiden in Disguise, lots of music and an an MMORPG game based on Eotera (the world in which Maiden in Disguise is based).

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